• Growing Towers - Indoor Aeroponic Culture

    To optimize the growth of your plants, here are our recommendations:
    - Under the support of each device is a basin containing 50 litres of water* to which nutrients (A, B, F, pH+, and pH-) are added. Please note that controlling the pH is important in order to optimize the yield.
    - The water from the basin enters the hydroponic cooler (water chiller) and returns to the basin to maintain the water temperature between 18 °C and 22 °C (64 °F and 72 °F), to prevent the formation of algae and contaminants.
    - The timer activates or stops the pump every six minutes and collects the water to spray it on the roots. The excess water then drips into the bottom drain of the concave base and returns to the water basin.
    - *It is possible to install a series of devices on the same water basin.

    - Up to 60 % savings in lighting
    - Substantial savings on air conditioning
    - Ergonomic working environment
    - Easy assembly
    - Designed to be installed in series
    - Savings up to 90% on water and up to 40% on fertilizer
    - More culture, for less space

    Spec Sheet