Rayonled lighting America Inc will be  a leading Northern America manufacturer in the LED lighting industry. Trade mark is RayonLED. Our headquarters in Montreal , QC Canada, give us a strategic location to outreach the Northern America market. In order to offer more competitive solution and fulfil the high demand for our products, we have established our production facility in Shanghai, China.

Our factory is equipped with cutting edge production lines and a laboratory with most advanced equipments. To ensure our high quality standard, we have implemented a rigorous quality control over the production where six sigma is applied throughout the complete process. Quality is the key component in the design of our processes. We believe in producing luminaries that reach the highest finishes, durability and design requirements. Hence, production only begins once prototypes have successfully passed a batch/set of extremely rigorous tests. We are proud to be certified ISO 9001 and to comply with the strictest certifications in the world (UL CUL,DLC, etc). Respect in our America’s teams is absolutely central. We are convinced that a respectful and secure work environment is an enterprise success driver. The well-being and self-fulfillment of our collaborators are as crucial to us as delivering our customers the best possible lighting experience. We provide our people with challenging work contents, foster individual opportunities and offer them with constant incentives. Performance enhancement of RayonLED products is an ever renewed objective for our teams. Ecology is a critical concern for the future. To take over tomorrow’s challenges RayonLED Amerrica develops outstandingly energy efficient products. Over time, we optimized raw materials usage and shrank our wastes by implementing new production processes. These initiatives, combined with our luminaries’ extra-long lifespan and highly recyclable components, provide the ultimate environment friendly lighting solution. RayonLED keeps a large buffering stock in Montreal Canada , provides intensive technical and product training to its distributors that result to a shorter lead time and a better service to the end clients